About Us

If we were to speak about ourselves, we would start with the 5 core values that we stand for:


……….the first alphabet of each word – P R O D E; meaning VALIANT.

Let us walk you through our story……….

We have been very passionate about motorcycles and riding to distant places. On a ride to Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India), a thought just struck our mind – why just experience the thrill & joy of motorcycling & burn fuel for ourselves only? Let’s do something constructive every time we ride a different motorcycle or we ride to new places. So, we decided to start writing everything we knew, learned and experienced with motorcycles. Eventually working on similar lines, we also decided to post news on Indian 2-wheeler industry.

In the near future, we plan to organize rides, camps and there’s much more in the pipeline for the motorcycle enthusiasts……..

Our Motto : Simple – Crisp – Genuine – Unbiased View

Why the name ‘RidersUniverse’?

Our bikes mean a lot to us, be it a happy or sad moment, bikes have always multiplied our euphoria and busted our stress. We wanted to put in anything and everything related to motorcycles and that is exactly why we chose to name our site – RidersUniverse .

Our logo –

We thought of starting this blog while we were on a long ride and every time a normal person hears of a long ride, the image of CRUISERS appears in front of his eyes. Hence, the cruiser-inspired logo! The colors indicate expended engine oil and the roads which get us going!

Meet our team –


We urge you to share your travel diaries and bike/accessories ownership experience with us. Your work will be posted on our site along with your social media handles. We assure you that you will get credit and appreciation for your writing. You never know who might find your articles extremely helpful. Do write to us at ridersuniverse@gmail.com and do not forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram 😉 😉 😉


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