Confederate Motorcycles to rebrand- New launches lined up!

The first time, I heard about the Confederate Motorcycles was when our own Captain Cool MS Dhoni became the owner of Hellcat X132, which I guess cost a whopping INR 57,00,000 at that time. The bike manufacturer from Alabama is popular for its rakish designs and makes bikes for the spendthrifts! Recently, we had published an article on how incorrect branding and positioning can be dangerous for any brand (link). The Confederate Motorcycles is the latest example of rebranding due to the political concerns, like racial discrimination i.e. dominance of the whites to be precise.

Hellcat F131

The President of Confederate Motorcycles believes that the company has lost a large number of customers due to its brand name. By the end of June’18, it was decided that Curtiss Motorcycles, which is named after the famous aviator Glenn Curtis, will be replacing the Confederate brand. This is a change of name & image only. The company shall continue with its legacy of manufacturing monstrous and gaudy motorcycles.

The first motorcycle from Curtiss was expected to be a sporty one named – Hercules, a motorcycle developed as a result of collaboration with Zero. It would be powered by 2 electric motors which delivered 170 HP of power and 393 Nm of peak torque. However, the first offering by Curtis is all set for launch in the name of Zeus. The websites also suggests that both new and used Confederates are up for sale. This fleet includes P-51 Combat Bomber, F-131 & X-132 Hellcat, etc. The company has planned to launch new version of Hellcat in 2019 and the following years shall witness the launches re-designed models of Wraith and Fighter.

Wraith B91

A small good news for Confederate lovers is that the brand name would be retained until the last of the FA13 Combat bombers and P-51 Combat Fighters are sold. The company is being revived by Ernest Lee Capital, which itself did not want the Confederate brand to disappear and wish the tradition of building ostentatious motorcycles which would make their presence felt wherever they stood.

Hellcat X132
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