Are fog lamps really required? If yes, who should install?

For a person who uses the motorcycle for city commute only that too in broad day light, fog lamps installation is an absolute waste of money! The questions you need to ask yourself before installing the fog lamps just for name sake are – How often do you ride at night? Do you ride early in the morning? Do you often go on a long ride? Do you ever have to ride through the fog? Are your bike headlamps insufficient? Are there no streetlights on your regular route? If the answer to all these questions is YES, YOU DEFINITELY NEED FOG LAMPS!!!

Why did I install fog lamps on 200 Duke?
A weekend without a long ride feels like a dull day, wasted sitting at home. But, that’s rarely the case for me. Early in the morning, somewhere around 4 AM, before the sun rises, I am out on my 200 Duke almost half way through my journey. Starting early in the morning when it is usually dark & foggy and the absence of streetlights in some places, restricts visibility too such an extent that I often slowed down. Although 200 Duke has a good headlamp, it sometimes lacks the spread and brightness. So, I decided to get myself a pair of fog lamps.

There are plenty of them available in the market. The biggest question is which one to buy! The fog lamps we commonly see in the market range from INR 550 to INR 5,500+. Some of these being a China-make don’t cost a fortune while some cost more than INR 10,000. I was as confused as you may be at this moment. I decided to go to a store and find for myself which ones are suitable. After checking out few options, I settled for Cree Led Smd Fog Lamps which consume a power of 20W (2 LED’s x 10W) and cost INR 885. The main reason I chose these is that it works on a wide range of voltage i.e. 10V – 30V and has a total running life of 30,000 hours! These lamps are housed in an aluminium die-cast making them water resistant (upto 67%) and shock and corrosion resistant.

Product Pictures-


As far as my experience goes with the new lamps, I found a significant improvement in the visibility and the extra illumination is clearly noticed. I have attached the pics for your reference. Now, here’s a catch. You may connect the fog lamps directly to the battery. NEVER DO THAT! A relay has to be connected to distribute the power evenly. A direct connection can only affect the battery performance and give you hell of a starting trouble if you are using a Royal Enfield. The fog lamps must be installed as low as possible, preferably on the leg guards or on an extra mounting on the suspension part. I have a habit of placing my feet on leg guards on long rides. So I have installed the fog lamps on handlebar. Installing on handlebar can be distracting for the traffic or the rider/driver coming travelling in opposite direction.

Stock headlamp of a 200 Duke
Stock headlamp along with Cree SMD LED Fog Lamps

It can be clearly seen that the spread and the illumination, both have increased significantly. Now that’s what has eliminated the need to slow down and helped me a lot during those night rides for sure! A switch gear also has to be purchased separately so as to operate these lights. A good quality one might cost somewhere between INR 200 – 300.

Universal Handlebar Mounting Switch (DC 12V)

I have attached the amazon link where I ordered the fog lamps for your reference:

We have written an article earlier on ‘Simple modifications on Royal Enfield Classic 350‘ where we have mentioned that Signstek fog lamps were installed. If you are looking out for the best of the best, here’s a list of the top 10 fog lamps in the market:


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