How to lube bike chain & why?

Today we will talk about taking care of a motorcycle’s Chain. There are 2 types of chain links that are widely used in motorcycles

  1. O-ring
  2. X-ring.

The shape is the differentiating factor. As the name suggests, the O ring is basically ‘O’ shaped rubber rings placed between the inner roller link plates and outside link plate. The lubrication basically reduces the friction between the O-rings and the metal chain, consequently preventing the frictional losses & improves the engine efficiency. Usually, a lot of dirt and debris sticks in and accumulates into the gap between the O-rings and the chain.

What if you do not lubricate the your motorcycle chain?

  • If you don’t lubricate the chain in regular intervals, the chain may break or may develop cracks.
  • It also causes uneven wear-n-tear in the chain leading to loosening or tightening of the chain, eventually causing sprocket damage.
  • The duration for which your current chain sprocket will bear the damage depends on the brand, quality of the chain and how often you clean & lube the chain.

How often should you lubricate the chain?

  • It totally depends on the riding styles and the environmental conditions. One should, check the oiling on the chain by touching it and checking whether it has enough viscosity left.
  • Considering Indian road conditions, approximately 500 to 600 kilometers would be a suitable range to clean and lube the chain to keep it smooth & going.
  • If it’s a rainy season or you don’t ride the bike often, the interval reduces as the chain lubrication is deterred by the rain water and may corrode the metallic assembly of the chain.

How to lubricate the chain?

You will require a 2 items-

  1. Chain cleaner
  2. Chain lube.


  • There are variety of brands available (almost similar quality) but the major ingredient in these cleaners is – KEROSENE. So, why not to use the main constituent which is so cheap instead of spending more on the cleaners?
  • Just rest your bike on a center/main stand, spray the cleaner all over the chain and start cleaning the chain with a toothbrush or a dedicated brush (if available) while slowly rotating the wheel with your hand.


  • Warm your bike a lil bit, keep it on 2nd gear so that the wheel rotates by itself and spray the Lube over the chain for 2 or 3 complete rotations such that the chain looks moist. Pretty simple right!
  • Excessive use of Lube may block the O-rings and on drying, along with the dirt, it may wear out the rubber rings. Also, the excess oils just drips and is nothing but wasted!
  • A 480 ml Lube can costs INR 600 (on an average) in the market which lasts for 6-8 applications only. Instead, I have been using the GEAR OIL (used in gearless scooters) which costs around INR 250 per litre and last for a year! So, using a gear oil would be very much cheaper instead of spending on the lubricants.
Motul Bike Chain Lube & Cleaner

Most people tend to ignore the cleaning part. But without cleaning the chain, you would end up lubing the dirt only! If you ask us, the Best Chain Cleaner is KEROSENE and the Best Chain Lube is GEAR OIL. However, if you are a brand freak, you can check out the Motul C1 Chain Clean & Motul C2 Chain Lube at the following link:

The Motul C1 & C2 have worked just fine for me and my friend circle. Please feel free to reach us or leave a comment.

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