Our PROBLEM with Yamaha! From Yes!Yamaha to WHY!Yamaha!

Yamaha has been known for its quality standards and delivering top notch products to the markets across the globe. The quality and performance have been prioritized by the Japanese bike manufacturer till date. But in present scenario, does selling a world class product alone satisfy customer needs? Definitely not!! The after sales services and maintenance also form important factors of the performance variables for any company. Unfortunately, talking with respect to Indian market, Yamaha has failed to address the after-sales services miserably. We have come across multiple instances where we expected better from Yamaha. We have listed two of them in this article.

We thank Gaurav Mhatre for sharing his experience about his Yamaha Fz-25. He has been riding extensively on his Fz-25 and in less than 7 months, the odometer reads 10,000 kilometers. He had left his bike at Yamaha’s service center for servicing on 27 February as he is keen on the bike’s maintenance. He had a ride scheduled that evening. He was planning to go to Murthal from Ghaziabad, which is roughly a ride of 70 kilometers. He collected his bike from the service center and started towards his destination. He had covered barely 20 kilometers when his bike stopped all of a sudden! It was midnight and there were no garages or service centers open at that time. So, he was all alone with his bike, middle of road, helpless at night! Yamaha bikes don’t usually break down but what had happened in his case? A laggard service man had left the engine oil drain nut loose. The nut loosened completely and fell off somewhere on the road. Eventually, the oil started draining and the engine ran out of oil. Obviously, any bike would come to a halt!

This is not the only experience. One of our fellow riders who owns a Yamaha Fazer experienced something of similar sort. The bike was just received after the servicing was done and the rider was riding from Mumbai to Pune. The bike’s engine did not feel smooth and a momentary seize was realized several times. The bike was taken to a local service station where it was found that the oil was dirty and the oil level was not sufficient! Even though the rider was charged for new engine oil, the Yamaha service center mechanics had not replaced the oil! Also, the carburetor setting was disturbed.

It is a pretty basic thing that Yamaha customer service needs to understand- Engine oil is the life blood of any vehicle! Without sufficient quantity and right quality, the interiors of the engine will not lubricated properly. The lack of engine oil initially leads to white or black fumes and complete engine seize within few minutes! It also causes the metal components to rub against each other which can in turn cause an incredible amount of premature wear. Be it ‘human error’ or ‘cost-optimization’ by the service centers, neither the customers nor the bikes deserve to be treated this way. So, we have just two important questions for Yamaha-

  1. Why is the service quality so poor and unreliable?
  2. Why are the number of service centers so less in a market like India?

Yamaha bikes are relatively costlier than Indian-make bike. Hence, it also implies that Yamaha must meet the unstated and delight needs of the customers so as to earn customer trust and respect! There have been several recent bike launches in the higher displacement segment in India which have outperformed Yamaha’s Fz-25 and Fazer 25. With Yamaha losing out on the sales figures and the increasing customer dissatisfaction may create major troubles for its survival in Indian market. We hope Yamaha focuses on the after-sales service as well from now onward!

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