Simple modifications on Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield achieved the company’s highest-ever sales figures in a single month, selling 60,142 bikes in April 2017. In April 2016, the total sales was 48,197 bikes which means there has been an increment of almost 25 % this year. This sales was largely driven by the best-selling motorcycle – Classic 350. I got my RE Classic 350 on 14th February 2016. The thumping, stability, connect with the bike, etc just make the rider fall in love with the bike. I am no different but some things were really annoying especially on long rides. So, I decided to make a few changes as per my likes and requirements. I am pretty sure most of the RE users will relate to these. I have attached pics of my bike for reference. Do take a look.

Here are some small modifications that I did –

1. Handlebar : For a person with a wide body frame like me, the stock handlebar seems really narrow. Also, the stock handlebar vibrates to such an extent (especially when you ride at 75+ kmph) that ‘objects in the mirror appear bigger than their actual size’.  I decided to install Chrome-finish U-type handlebar with welded riser in thick pipe. Because of the riser, the sitting posture was bit more upright and there was good width between the grips. This handlebar resolved the issue of vibrating mirrors for me. The rear view was way better now. It costs INR 1,500-1,600.

2. Thump : Personally, the stock silencer looked a bit unattractive to me and thumping was not really audible. Without the thump, what is an Enfield! I replaced it with an ‘upswept silencer’ which gives slightly louder and yet pleasant thump. its loudness is enough to give you a feel of the bike. It is neither too loud nor a pain to the ears. Alternatively, for people who love mild thumping can choose short bottle silencer. the upswept silencer costs INR 3,000 if purchased from showroom. The short bottle silencer costs INR 2,000 – 2,500.

3. Blackened Engine : I am a person who is very keen on keeping the motorcycle bright and shining. During long riders and rainy season, the the tiny oil stains of engine really took toll on my patience while cleaning. I spray painted the engine completely black with a heat resistant spray. This not only saved me from the stains but also gave the bike a stealthy look. It enhanced the overall look of the bike. The price for this is really surprising – INR 300 only! (Provided you do it carefully all by yourself)

4. Fog lamps : I usually ride early in the morning. In the tunnels and during foggy mornings, the headlight didn’t really suffice for me. I installed Signstek 2*18W CREE LED Light Fog Driving Bar on either side of the leg guard INR 3,500. The visibility improved a lot and made riding very convenient. However, I would suggest buying Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog Light.

5. Mac Wheels : There was no specific reason for replacing the stock wheel rims with ‘Y’ Mac Wheels except the looks. These ‘Y’ Mac wheels are rarely seen and distinguish my ride from the crowd of Enfields on the roads. the ‘Y’ Mac wheels were purchased from showroom itself for INR 16,000.

6. Solo-rider Feel : Sometimes riding alone gives out-of-the-world joy, a feeling bit hard to explain. I had been riding alone on Fazer, so why not on Enfield too! I removed the pillion seat.

“Nothing comes between me and my bike!! The joy of riding alone cannot be put into words.. me and her.. that’s it”

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2 thoughts on “Simple modifications on Royal Enfield Classic 350

  1. The modifications done by you are excellent. When I was riding this modified bike, People were looking at me and giving remark like 👌👌👌. Keep it up!

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