Suzuki Intruder 150: Price, Specs & Review – Is it underrated?

What’s appreciable about the bike?

-The front assembly resembles the one on MT1800 Suzuki Intruder, the big daddy and the tail assembly resembles the one on Suzuki Hayabusa. Definitely a head turner!
-Rev happy motor derived from the Gixxer; has good grunt at the lower rpm and doesn’t stress up at the high rpm.
-Fuel injection variant has a smooth throttle response.
-Sufficient cruising speed of 80-90 kmph with a fuel efficiency of 45 kmpl which is amazing.
-Good suspension damping, soaks majority of the undulations.
-Single-channel ABS makes the braking more reliable than that of Bajaj Avenger and Royal Enfield motorcycles.
-The digital instrument cluster gives all necessary information.

What could have been better?

-Even with a 140 mm wide rear tyre, the tyres simply do not justify the heft of the motorcycle.
-The rear tyre tends to lock as ABS is enabled only on front tyre.
-The key position couldn’t have been weirder. Looks like a unicorn!
-The pillion seat is cramped and leaves no room for adjustment.
-The dual opening exhaust adds to the over-design aspect of the motorcycle. They could have simply stuck to the traditional straight pipes.
-The exhaust note is throaty but does not give a cruiser-like feel.
-Headlamp need serious improvement as they lack the illumination as well as the throw.
-Power is relatively low for a cruiser but Suzuki does have plans in place for a bigger sibling.

To compete with the market dominators in the segment – Royal Enfields and Bajaj Avenger, Suzuki came up with the downsized version of the mighty MT1800 and launched the Intruder 150 in 2 variants, priced at-
1. Carburetor – INR 1,02,072 (ex-showroom Mumbai)
2. Fuel Injection – INR 1,08,974 (ex-showroom Mumbai)
So, to find if the new Intruder 150 FI could win over the Avenger and Royal Enfield fans, we rode the motorcycle and here’s our review.

Looks & Aesthetics

The bike looks daunting in the first glance and can surely take people by surprise. It comes in 2 color schemes – Metallic Gray/Metallic Matte Black Glass Sparkle and Black/Metallic Matte Titanium Silver. It measures 2,130 mm in length, 805 mm in width and stands 1,095 mm tall. The Suzuki Intruder 150 has a wheelbase of 1,405 mm and a ground clearance of 170 mm which are sufficient to clear most of the speed breakers and potholes with a pillion on board. It weighs 148 kg only and this light machine is quite manageable.

The 11 litres fuel tank makes it capable of mile munching without any fuel breaks as it has a good fuel efficiency of 45+kmpl . The AHO featured LED headlamp is the striking feature of this bike and looks very similar to the MT1800 but the projection and illumination are simply not sufficient for a cruiser. The headlamp has a small circular white lamp and the bottom (which is not led) and doesn’t define its purpose. The tail light is very pleasing to the eyes as it has been borrowed from the fabled Hayabusa GSXR1300R but the sleek appearing tyres ruin the boasting looks of the fat back. The turn indicators are of okay quality and do their job well.

 The handle bar at first sight would look a bit weird and with the rider foot pegs stretched further ahead , you may end up finding the pegs in the air. But this wont be a deal breaker as this is the main highlight of the bike. The rider position is very relaxing with the handle bar inclined towards the rider and the plush broad seat will assure a comfortable ride. The switch gear is well accessible and the brake & clutch levers have a good feel too. The weirdest thing is the key position. It is located above the headlight assembly and will distract you while riding if you are a fan of big key chains.


There is no windshield provided but its need is not felt as the rider sits way inside the bike. It has its own advantage which will be highlighted in the ride quality description later. There are absolutely no vibrations. The mirrors are of good quality. Have sufficient width and give a clear rear view.




The instrument cluster has a full digital console having plenty of information like the shift indicator, gear indicator, time, tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, 2 trip meters, ABS indication and the turn symbols on the respective sides of the console. It has a split seat assembly with more focus for the rider’s comfort. While riding you can use the tank to grip on and corner. Yes, you read it right, this bike can corner like a piece of cake. The pillion seat is also well cushioned but you get a cramped feeling as there is not much space to move around or adjust.

Engine, Performance & Riding Quality

It has a 154.9, single cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC fuel-injected engine mated to a 5 speed gearbox. The engine churns out a power output of 14.6 bhp @ 8,000 rpm  and a peak torque of 14 Nm @ 6,000 rpm. The engine is straight away taken from the Gixxer and the bike redlines at 10,500 rpm i.e. it can be ridden hard all day long without vexing. The engine hasn’t been changed as it had the proper character required to suit a cruiser i.e. it had the right low down pull as well as top end performance. So, the bike glides through the traffic as you have a good leverage from the wide handlebars. Power delivery is very gradual and you will have to wack the throttle every time when you have to overtake. A bigger engine would do the job better. The company has promised a 250 cc engine for the next upgrade of the Intruder. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on this bike. Speeds of 80-90 kmph is very easily attainable and can be maintained for long durations. The engine sounds pleasing on the higher revs.





To talk about the braking performance, it has a 266 mm front and 220 mm rear disc brakes which perform decently . The bike comes with a single channel abs for the front, due to which the rear tyre has a tendency to lock under hard braking situations. The baby intruder has a front 100/80 and a Rear tyre of Size 140/60 radial tubeless tyre on 17 inch alloy rims. The 140 mm wide tyre though wide enough looks puny under the fat rear of the bike. The front suspension is Telescopic Fork which has a plush setup and dives under hard braking but anyhow you wont feel this as a cruiser is not meant to be ridden in that manner. It soaks all the bumps very comfortably. The rear is a monoshock, with hard setting which may bother you on rough roads.













Being a cruiser, this bike surprised the team as in how confident and inspiring it feels in the corners. Show it a corner and the bike just dives in. This doesn’t mean that you can do knee downs. A slight lack of power can be felt when you have to shoot at the corner exits. But overall you will be smiling at the end of the ride.

Our Verdict

Answering the question in the caption – Yes, this bike has been underrated and deserves a better place in market. The Suzuki Intruder is a worthy competitor to the Bajaj Avenger 150. In fact, it is capable enough to out-perform Avenger 150 in multiple ways. This bike will suit a rider who wants a different/unique looking bike which he can use for daily commute and also take a pillion on the weekend rides. This bike can do it all. Although the luggage carrying ability is still an area we will have to dig upon, we give this bike a thumbs up as it ticks all the boxes for a cruiser’s comfort as well as a sweet motor which can be enjoyed with a  pillion. We are very eager to see what the 250 cc variant of the Intruder will be able to do.


Dimensions Length 2130 mm
Width 805 mm
Height 1095 mm
Wheelbase 1405 mm
Ground clearance 170 mm
Kerb weight 148 kg
Fuel capacity 11 Litres
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2 Valve, SOHC
Displacement (cc) 154.9
Max power 14.6 bhp @ 8000 RPM
Max torque 14 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Fuel System Fuel injection or Carburetor
Gearbox 5 speed
Braking System & Tyres Brakes front* (mm) Single-channel ABS, 266 dia disc
Brakes rear* (mm) 240 dia disc
Tyres front 100/80-17
Tyres rear 140/70-17R
Chassis & Suspension Frame Single Downtube chassis
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Swing arm type
Electricals Battery 12V, 8Ah VRLA
Headlamp Full LED with Auto Headlamp On (AHO)
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